Where to find fruit around Northwest Arkansas
I will update this page for the 2022 growing season

Ripen in mid-May

  • McGarrah Farms

I get my strawberries straight from their field on Bloomington Street in Springdale. They have other locations, too. You'll find these wonderful folks on Facebook.


Ripen in June

  • Blue Heaven Blueberry Farm

4810 Wildwood Lane, Springdale 479-409-6639

This has been one of my main places for blueberries for a few years, because they sell gallon bags of blueberries out of their garage, which is off of Wagon Wheel Road and not terribly far from the highway. They will be selling Thurs-Sun beginning 6/3. A gallon is $23.00 and a quart is $7.00. No U-pick.

  • Neal Family Farm

1246 W. Laurel Ave., Rogers 479-633-7159

U-pick. $20/gallon with bulk discounts. Follow them on Facebook to know their picking times. Near the Rogers airport.

  • The Blueberry Barn

650 Lippert Rd., Rogers 479-636-9640

U-pick. I haven't been there, so check them out for yourself. They are near the Rogers airport.

  • Sta-N-Step Blueberry Farm

3104 Wildcat Creek Blvd, Fayetteville 479-361-2789

U-pick. They also have Wye berries, which is a cross between blackberries and raspberries. I don't know anything about this farm personally.

  • The Berry Farm

12726 Huber Road, Bentonville 479-222-0413

U-pick. This looks like a very nice place from the pictures I've seen, but I don't know anything about them.

Ripen end of June; late season starts end of July into August

  • McGarrah Farms

I believe their u-pick field is in Fayetteville, but they sold gallons of berries prepicked in Springdale in 2021.

  • Sta-N-Step Farm

Close to Tontitown, but with a Fayetteville address. They also have raspberries and Wye berries (a cross between the two).


Ripen in July

  • Vanzant's Fruit Farm

All of the local peach orchards lost their crops in 2021 due to a late freeze. Go to Vanzants to get good peaches from other parts of Arkansas. Check out this place anyway.


Ripen in August

The largest fruit native to the U.S., pawpaws are uncommon these days even though they are indigenous to this area. I receive my pawpaws from a generous Bella Vista resident who planted a couple of trees in his yard.

Other Fruit

In 2021, I received prepicked and frozen black raspberries and wild blackberries as donations. I was also allowed to picked Concord grapes and Nanking bush cherries at private homes. Many thanks to the folks who contributed!

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