Jam Giveaways

For every $6.00 that you donate to the Bella Vista Historical Museum, I will give you a jar of my homemade jam as a personal thank you.

How do I get one?

Watch this website for the dates when I will be at the museum with jars. I will update the calendar on the main page as soon as I know any changes.

Follow my Facebook page for my jam making, called TheJammerBellaVista . I will announce my giveaways there, too.

Look for the big JAMS banner to be displayed on the front porch of the museum. When you see that banner, I am inside and I have jams. The banner is my secret signal to you and no one else knows about it, so shh.

Just a reminder that I am not a business and I do not sell my jam. I am also not set up to take any orders for jars outside of the scheduled giveaways at the museum. However, I will take reservations for certain flavors that can be picked up at the next giveaway.

Giveaway 9-21-21.jpg