Jam Giveaways

For every $6.00 that you donate to the Bella Vista Historical Museum, I will give you an 8-ounce jar of my homemade jam as a personal thank you.

How do I get one?

The giveaways will usually be part of the Historic Foods Tastings at the museum, with additional giveaways around December. Watch this website for the exact dates.

Follow my Facebook page for my jam making, called TheJammerBellaVista . I will announce my giveaways there, too.

Look for the big JAMS banner to be displayed on the front porch of the museum. When you see that banner, I am inside and I have jams. The banner is my secret signal to you and no one else knows about it, so shh.

Just a reminder that I am not a business and I do not sell my jam. I am also not set up to take any orders for jars outside of the scheduled giveaways at the museum. However, I will take reservations for certain flavors that can be picked up at the next giveaway.

Giveaway 9-21-21.jpg
Giveaway a 1-29-22.jpg